Thursday, October 9, 2008

So Much Better!

I feel so much better today! I got up & got the walk in. I think starting next week I'm going to need to up the intensity a little - my body is probably getting a little too used to the same old stuff. I guess it's probably a little obvious that I have pretty dramatic mood swings on a regular basis, but I'm finding that when I get the walk in they back down a lot. Yesterday was a really bad day for them - but I didn't get any exercise. Hmm guess I should recognize the connection & let that serve as additional motivation. Lana - thanks for your comments, they mean a lot to me. You are quite an inspiration in the "get up off your butt & do something" category! Those of you who haven't checked out my favorite blog links - be sure to read Lana's blog "The Fire Inside" she is currently traning for the IronMan Triathlon in Florida & believe it or not it all started 5 years ago with walking!! She's from my town (we actually went to school together) & she's kinda well known around town for being such an athlete - she's competed in lots of runs, triathlons, & bike races. Just goes to show that when you are motivated you can do anything!! Hope everyone has a great day!!

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Amy S. said...

Glad you are having a better day! It is amazing how much difference it makes when we get in our exercise. If you are thinking about slowly increasing your intensity, the couch to 5K program does it slowly. You don't have to do it in 9 weeks. I think I did it over the course of 9 months. Look it up on and it takes you from walking to running slowly!