Thursday, October 23, 2008

Still Going

I made it to Zumba again today. The instructors are different on Tuesdays & Thursdays. The Tuesday class was a good workout, but a little more fun. Today's workout seemed more difficult. I know I was sore, but I think she's a little harder instructor - my SIL mentioned that she thought today's was a harder workout too. I am very sore, but just trying to push through it right now. I haven't decided if I'm going to try the class tomorrow - it's listed as Interval Explosion & is that kick butt teacher I had yesterday - or if I'm going to walk the track/use the eliptical. I'm not sure, but I'll do something. On the challenge, you get 5 points for every minute of exercise - so that's 300 points for every 60 minute class, you can't beat that. It's a great way to build up points for my team. My goal is to hit the max points every week. Max points for weeks without health sessions are 3000 & 3500 if we had a session. We get 500 for going to sessions & getting weighed, 100 points for each day that we journal our food, & 50 points for each challenge goal (like drink 8 glasses of water daily, etc). Well I'm off to shower & let the hot water ease my achy muscles - I know they are under there somewhere (lol). Have a great day!!

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Cammy said...

I have just GOT to try this zumba thing! Your enthusiasm is contagious. (I'll let you know if I thank you for that later. *G*)