Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Working Hard

Well, I went to the meeting last night & met my team. My friend Mae is on my team (YAY!!) and the rest are all people I didn't know. We are an all female 6 person team, the make up is quite varied, but we're up for the challenge. I'm excited about the challenge. Last night was the nutritional meeting & they taught us about how to calculate your body's calorie needs, etc. They also introduced us to some products that we may/may not have heard of.

Today I got up & went to an 8am aerobic class. It was called Wacky Wednesday on the schedule, but it absolutely kicked my butt. It was what I would term as a cardio sculpting class. It used free hand weights, a medicine ball, & a step. I hope it doesn't leave me too sore for the Zumba class tomorrow. I think maybe until I get a little more used to working out that I should stick to Zumba & using the machines/track. Well, I've got kiddos to tend to. Have a great day!


Amy S. said...

way to go challenging yourself on a new class. That is really great. Glad you knew someone on your team, that always helps! I'm so ready for our challenge to start at the community center. I have been so off track with my eating today, here's to getting back on track!

Mae said...

YAY!!! I'm totally stoked about the competition. There was a lot of attempted torture and some slammin' going on tonight at church! Game. On.

Congrats on 10.5!!! AWESOME!!!!