Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Getting Easier

Zumba class is getting a little easier now - not that I don't sweat my butt off, but I'm not quite so lost on the steps for each song. I weighed in for my local challenge & was down 2.5lbs from what they had me at last week. I hate it because I was up about 1-1.5lbs this morning compared to yesterday - which is very common for me since I fluctuate A LOT. I knew better than to have that Diet Pepsi last night, they always make me hold water & being TOM I guess it was that much worse. I'm not worrying about it though - I maxed out my points for the team & ultimately the weigh-in is not critical until the end. I know I'm losing fat, because I'm starting to see things fit a little different - not a lot yet, but any difference is good. I know it has to be working; I'm eating cleaner & taking hour long classes 5 days per week. I still could use some help on my nutrition. Maybe I'll see my doctor & ask for a plan or check to see if we have any options for a PT that could help on several levels including nutrition. Oh well, I'm working hard & that's all that matters. Gotta run, Alyssa has dance this afternoon & then we have to go to the funeral home for my SIL's dad. Have a wonderful rest of the day!!!

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Mae said...

I feel the EXACT SAME WAY!!! I can exercise all day long, it's the eating that's my main down-fall. BUT Asheia gave me some great challenges yesterday (I was only down 1.75 :() that are making things funner and easier to obtain. Kick it sista! Do you want to do the Gladiator 5K with me Saturday morning? I'll walk the first half and try to jog the second... it's almost all downhill on the way back! :)