Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm Soaring!

Well the competition officially started yesterday with our kick off meeting tonight. I've been logging all my food & getting the 8 minimum glasses of water daily (which is a BIG change for me). I'm pretty proud of myself so far - I've been eating pretty clean. Our playdate ended up lasting till about 6pm, so I didn't end up getting a workout in yesterday, but I did make it to the 9am Zumba class at the recreation center. It was a great workout. Yes, I looked like a fool. Yes, I was the biggest girl in the class. Yes, I stumbled around trying to figure out how to do the steps correctly some of the time. BUT - I COMPLETED A ONE HOUR WORKOUT. I feel GREAT!! I'm already sore, but so proud of myself. I didn't worry about all the normal things I worry about. I'm taking this bull by the horns & facing this challenge head on. Everyone in the class seemed really nice & I especially appreciated one lady who took the time just before class to tell me, don't worry - we all feel kinda stupid doing the moves. It made it so much easier for me. Instead of stressing about how dumb I probably looked doing, I just made the most of it & sweated my butt off (or at least I hope I did). Well, I got a few things to do before I pick up Alyssa from school - so I'm off. Have a fantastic day!!!


Amy S. said...

Way to go, and you know she was right! Every time I go to a class, I always feel stupid, but I go at my own pace and don't worry about anyone else, I'm not there for them anyway. You should be so proud of yourself.

Tricia Jamison said...

yay andrea! i've heard those zumba classes are fun....and yeah, everyone feels a bit silly with those big ol' mirrors, so no worries! with all this activity, i'm sure you'll see positive results!

Token Fat Girl said...

great job! one hour of exercise is fabulous!