Monday, February 1, 2010

Hit the double digits!

Well, I've been working hard in the gym for four weeks now & I can certainly tell you that when I take a rest day, it feels kinda funny like I should be working. It is all slowly paying off. Monday mornings are my official weigh-in day & today I was down 10 pounds since I got started. Although I'd like for it to come off a little faster, I'm good with this. I realize that it took time for me to put this much on & will take time for me to eliminate it also. I also realize that I still need to do some major tweaking on how I eat. Although I am making better choices, I am not being very disciplined yet. I need to make an effort to keep up with my calories & how many grams of fat/carbs/protein that I'm taking in to make sure that I have both my exercise and diet working well together. Well, I'm off to enjoy what's left of this snow day. Hope you all are off to a great week!!