Monday, July 16, 2012

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

My oh my, has my life changed since my last post (shamefully over a year ago). My girls are growing up like little weeds with something constantly being scheduled on their behalf. Alyssa will be entering the 1st grade in August & Liza will be starting Kindergarten. We've just wrapped up a successful softball season & a great musical for both the girls in June. We also redecorated the playroom this past week converting it into a bedroom for the girls - I've never seen little girls so excited about a new bedroom. It was precious! Our biggest change, was the addition of our "surprise" baby, Branham. He was born in January this year. We've had a pretty hectic 2012 so far - a pretty rough birth (I ended up with an emergency, unsterile c-section), Brock got mono, I had a severe infection (hospitalized for 6 days), two kidney stones (which required I have surgery 3 times when Branham was 6-8 weeks old), and did I mention that Brock got mono (turns out it lasts forever for adults - at least the feeling like poo on a stick part)? Anyway, we seem to be on the mend (except for Brock, but hey - 6 months down & approximately 6 more to go before he feels normal again according to the other adults we know that have had it).

Of course, with all this change, some things have managed to stay the same. I'm still struggling with my weight & needing to get healthy. I started this blog quite a while back to serve as a motivational/accountability tool for me to get my stuff together & get my health back before it became too late, however, I've allowed life to get in the way & have not prioritized like I should/needed to. As they say, if at first you don't succeed - try, try again. That's where I'm at - ready to try again. I will say that I had the most success from a health stand point when I was blogging regularly. I felt like I had people to be accountable to & that helped to motivate me towards my goal. I realize that I probably have all of 2 people who are probably interested in my goings on now, but we have to start somewhere.

I'm back approximately to where I started weight wise (which I will be willing to reveal at a date in the future when it is just a bad memory). This means I need/want to lose around 80-90 pounds to really be happy/where I need to be. I'm not ashamed to ask for help - so please, feel free to encourage me all you want along the way. I realize that for me, it starts with exercise. I think I remember what constitutes that. I will certainly miss having my sweet friend, Lana, here in town to help me this time, but I will be channeling her all the way - LOL. I just have to remember that I'm capable of doing much more than I give myself credit for & I can't take the easy way out just because it hurts/I'm tired/insert your own lame excuse here.

Well, I guess I better get off to bed since the girls have swimming lessons in the morning. Wish me luck! I'll keep you posted (no, really I will this time).