Thursday, October 2, 2008

Shopping With a Toddler

Since today was Thursday & Alyssa had school, I decided to go over to Murfreesboro to get some blinds at Lowes & pick up some essentials at Sam's. We are finally getting blinds to put up in the sunroom & since 7 of the windows that I needed blinds for had to be custom cut, the Lowes associate told me it would take about 35 minutes. I told her that was fine, I'd run next door to Target to pick up a few things (for those of you who aren't familiar with Manchester - if you can't get it at WalMart, you probably can't get it in Manchester). Anyway, everything was going fine - I had even changed Liza's diaper upon entering the store since I figured she'd pee out if I didn't. I ran into a friend from church & was chatting a bit when Liza got really whiny - I figured she was just tired of sitting still, so I picked her up out of the cart only to find that she had just had an explosive poop diaper - it was coming out down her leg. Keep in mind she is wearing a denim overall jumper dress with a onesie on underneath & cowboy boots. I look down & some had gotten on me too when I picked her up - so my friend tries to help me out with some wipes & I take off to the bathroom to try & clean us up. It was everywhere. It had come up the back & down the leg, her onesie was covered - I just threw it away. I used every wipe in my travel pack & there was still poop. Since Target only has air dryers there were no papertowels, so here I am with a 1 yr old stripped down to nothing but her boots carrying her into a stall to get toilet paper to finish cleaning her up. I was able to put the jumper back on long enough to go back into the store & get a new dress, a box of wipes, antibacterial wipes & febreeze (as I figured that although I got it off my shirt, the odor might very well linger). Of course, we looked like a couple of rednecks since I had her in the overall dress with nothing under & some cowboy boots - it was only about 71 outside, so I'm sure I appeared to be a terrific mother. I got back out to the van & got her cleaned up better & the new dress on & called my MIL to pick up Alyssa since we were now running so late. Funny thing - the girl in Lowes noticed I changed Liza's clothes - lol. Now, for those of you without children - look what you have to look forward to.

On the excercise front, I was a slug today - didn't get up & Brock didn't get home from football in time for me to get outside before dark tonight. But as always, tomorrow is another day & another opportunity. Next week is Brock's last game, so having time to get it in will get a little better then & I won't have to get up at the butt crack of dawn in the freezing cold to get in my walk. Hope you all had a good day!!

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Lorrie said...

Isn't motherhood glamorous? But hey, it's never dull! I added you to my e-mail contacts, maybe we could plan a walk or lunch someday, keep up the great work and awesome attitude.