Saturday, October 18, 2008


Well, I don't know how well I've done on the weight thing this week & I won't bother checking until Monday since I fluctuate so easily, however, I made up for all the lack of exercise in one day! I was at Bell Buckle for 7 hours & literally moved the entire time. I don't think we rested but for maybe 2 - so that's 5 hours of exercise today!! Maybe not the most intense exercise, but it definitely counts - my legs & feet are totally aching tonight. I'm getting pretty excited about the challenge too! I start logging all my food on Monday & the kick off meeting is Tuesday. I'm going to be working hard to earn as many points for my team as I can. I'll keep everyone posted!! I'm heading off to spend a little time with the hubby while the kids are at my mom's. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!

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Mae said...

do you think there's still time to sign up for lose to win? i REALLY want to do it! maybe we'd be on the same team!