Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pushing Myself

It's been a busy couple of days lately. Yesterday was just plain crazy. I did make it to the 8am class & Brock was kind enough to watch the girls since he had to take off work for our SIL's father's funeral yesterday. My right knee has been swollen since Monday, but I just keep trying to push through. I'm afraid if I don't I will fall off the wagon & quite frankly, that is just not an option for me. I did have to modify a little bit in Zumba today, but I still hung in there for hour-long class. My eating has been a little out of control this week. I think because we've been rushing around so much & being TOM, I'm craving constantly. It's not like I've sat down & eaten ice cream & brownies or anything, but just not as clean. Halloween will be real challenge for me too. I'm not even buying any candy for our house. The girls go trick or treating, so it's not like we'll be home. The key will be not dipping into their candy - I LOVE caramel, nerds, & basically any straight sugar candies. Chocolate is ok - but it's the sugary stuff that I love. I had to bake cookies last night for Alyssa's Halloween party at school today, but cookies aren't the worst for me so it wasn't too hard. Well, I better go ice the knee & recover a little from Zumba before I have to break down & clean up the house. I only have 3 hours before I have to go get Alyssa. Hope everyone has a great day & a Happy Halloween tomorrow!!

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Amy S. said...

Keep at it, I find sugar is a dangerous path for me. Just a little is enough to throw me completely out of control. Good luck, I hope you have a great weekend!