Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lazy Girl.

Wow - I don't know what is wrong with me, I've been so lazy. I just want to lay around & rest. I totally didn't get a walk in yesterday, much less get an hour in on the Fit. I barely got any housework done without breaking a sweat & being worn out. Maybe I'm coming down with something. TOM should be here anytime, it's a little late now, but that's not that unusual for me, I went 8 weeks between cycles in the spring. Now before you guys all start asking, I took a pg test just to be sure & it was negative, so I'm sure my clock is just out of whack again. Unfortunately, it is like PMS 24/7 around here. Someone shove me out the door this evening & MAKE me walk. I plan to try to get off my butt tonight, but no promises - lol. On a diet note, I've eaten ok for the last couple of days. I tend to get on weird food kicks periodically - wanting to eat the same thing for several days. Lately, it's been baked sweet potatoes, which is strange because until just recently I wouldn't touch any style sweet potatoes with a ten foot pole. I had one Friday night, Sunday night & again last night & bought 3 more at the store today - I must have some deficiency for something that's in them. Oh well, better get to doing something, anything, that requires movement.


MizFit said...

Im the same way---with the food---and now that you say it SO IS MY HUSBAND.

not sure if it is a deficiency with me or just the way I roll :)

here's your lovinggentle kick inthe pants to git back to working out.



Amy S. said...

Yum I agree. I didn't know how good sweet potatos were until I started trying to get healthy, now I can't get enough of the buggers. They are just so darn good. You are making me hungry. Love the new look, especially the feel your boobies sticker! Too cute!