Sunday, October 12, 2008


So I decided that I am probably boring those of you who come here to know that they aren't alone in weight loss struggles when I continually post about the normal day to day ramblings of my life, therefore, I decided that I would create a separate blog dedicated to the day to day happening in my life as a SAHM.

This blog will remain what it was created to be - a weight loss blog. One that gives me accountability with others, serves as inspiration to others on my good days, & serves as support for me on my bad.

My new blog for the day to day stuff is Winging It. BTW, I've adjusted my Blog List to move all blogs I follow that aren't geared towards weight loss or exercise to the new blog.

On the exercise front today, I started the walk & got about 1/2 way done & thought I was going to pee all over myself. I don't understand it - I went right before I walked out the door. My left wrist & elbow felt tight (like not good blood flow), I was sweating profusely & I felt overall weird. I cut it short & came home to use the restroom & rest. I guess all the crap I've consumed in the last couple of days is catching up to me. My plan is to try the walk again in the morning & see what happens. I haven't officially weighed yet, but out of curiosity after the "episode" I jumped on & was up 2.5 lbs (yikes) - I usually weigh in the mornings so I'm hoping some of that is water weight from the day, but I have a feeling the numbers aren't looking good for tomorrow's weigh in. Have a great evening!!


MizFit said...

Id say YES on the waterweight and YES on the new blog!

Im a workathomemom AND a SAHM and cant wait to read (& get my struggles normalized :))


Mae said...

Some workouts are just crappy... you could've also been dehydrated if you hadn't taken in much water? I was like that one day b4 fall break. Ready to get back on the training horse! :)