Monday, October 6, 2008

Back on Track!

I feel so much better this morning. It is a remarkable difference for me when I start off with a walk, rather than wait till the afternoon. It makes may whole day feel different. When I start with a walk I come back in feeling good about myself, feeling more energized, craving water & not wanting to eat junk. When I wait, I'm sluggish, sit around watching tv a lot longer instead of getting my stuff done, I eat crap all day & then wonder why I feel so bad. When it makes that big of a difference it's hard to believe I ever don't get out there - why do we sometimes make choices that us feel worse? I've maintained on the weight loss this week - no loss, no gain. I'm content with that since I knew that a chunk of the 8lbs last week was water weight from the virus. Well, I've got lots of little jobs to get done. I better get started defunking the house - AGAIN. I sure hope this bug is gone - I'm running out of Lysol (lol). Hope everyone has a good day!!

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Tricia Jamison said...

oh man....i feel for ya' with that stomach bug....again and again.....ugh. Kudos for realizing how much better you feel with a morning walk....knowing that will hopefully be an encouragment. Also, great job on maintaining....especially after that 8 lbs fell off so would have been easy for those to jump right back on but you didn't let them, so YAY! tell Brock i said hello!