Sunday, October 5, 2008

Wii Fit

Has anyone else tried the Wii Fit? My mom got one & to log in some excercise time - I went over there & tried it out. It was fun! There is a lot of balancing activities - which I assume helps to strengthen core muscles & the aerobic activities are pretty fun. I really liked the hula hoop & step activities. I liked it so much that my Mom is getting me the Fit for my birthday (which is Saturday, by the way). I don't plan to eliminate my walks for the Wii, but I would like to use it as an additional way to get exercise & strengthen my core & help my posture. Still a slug on the walk, but it does appear that our household is rid of the stomach bug - AGAIN. Hope everyone had a great day!!

1 comment:

MizFit said...

and I think that now Im officially the last one who hasnt tried :)

my bankacct thanks me though...I know Id wanto ne!