Thursday, January 15, 2009

Zumba & Changes Coming!

Well, what have I been up to the last couple of days? Zumba last night & again this morning - have I told you all how much I love this class. I still haven't gotten any jog/walks in - I'll do my best to make up the time this weekend. It is CRAZY cold outside & will be hard, but I'll do my best to get it done. Now, changes are getting ready to hit. I've taken an interim position for the rest of the school year - so my workout schedule is getting ready to flip flop completely. I still have a couple of weeks left to get the morning classes in & then I will have to rely on evening classes & other things, but once June hits - I'll be right back in my morning Zumba classes. Well, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Bethany said...

Hey you do what you gotta do, the hardest part will be making yourself do it on those long days that you are oh so tired. Rest when you feel the need! I was once told to change into my workout clothes immediately when I got home, it gives you more incentive to just go do it! It was good advice for me :)

Rebecca said...

Sorry I missed your weigh in action the other day! Congrats...That is so great! Looks like all that activity you are getting in is paying off! :)

Amy S. said...

Hooray on the weight loss, and glad to see Zumba is still treating you well. Keep up the great work. Hugs, I miss you!