Thursday, January 22, 2009


I realize from the anonymous comment that was made, that I wasn't clear in my previous post. I am not trying in any way to decrease my water consumption - I realize that I should be drinking more water in order to get healthier & lose weight. I was simply pointing out that I had failed & doing this. I guess that I just wasn't that thirsty & didn't think about making myself drink anyway. I think this happens to people a lot in the winter time. We don't get as hot, unless we've just completed a workout, & we just don't think about consuming as much water. Anyway, since it was taken that I actually decreased my water intake in order to lose weight, I thought that I would point out that I am a little smarter than that. By the way, Zumba class was great today!

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Tricia Jamison said...

i am horrible in regards to water consumption. i start my day with a diet coke, but sometimes i sip on that coke so long, that i don't drink anything else until late at night and i realize i'm thirsty and have only had 20 oz. of coke at that! i also don't like to drink when i eat meals. i've gotta figure out a way to be better about that! you're probably right about being dehydrated and holding onto water. plus, even though it's hard to resist....try to not weigh yourself everyday!! too frustrating!