Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another Day Down.

Well, I didn't make Joyce's class this morning as I had hoped. I had a playdate scheduled for the kids & I still had some things to finish up before they came, so I couldn't get done & still make class. That's ok, I'll just make sure I get there next week - who knows, maybe I'll try to make her Friday class. I did manage to get in my C25K training this afternoon, so the day is not a total loss. Well, I've got to shower & get ready to take the girls to bible class. Zumba tomorrow! Have a great evening.


Boo Bear's Place said...

C25K is a pretty good program and was doing it with the help of the podcast outside but started to get too cold here in Tennessee so I haven't done it too much. I'm thinking of buying a treadmill so I will have no excuses

Andrea said...

I'm in TN too, but I'm so hot natured that I actually like it being so cold outside. I'm concerned what summer will mean for me - lol.