Friday, November 28, 2008

The Good & The Bad.

Well, I have good news & I have bad news. The bad news is that I haven't had any real exercise since Tuesday. I let myself get too busy with preps for the holiday on Wednesday & Thursday just didn't seem to leave any time either. This morning we woke up to our living room tv being dead, which only leaves the small one in the sunroom & the tiny one in the girls' playroom. I could do my workout in the sunroom if I moved the furniture around, but I guess I feel a little guilty taking the only area that you can sit & watch tv for an entire hour from my husband - who, by the way, still has his kidney stone. Oh well, enough excuses - I will do my best to make time to get some exercise in this weekend & make up for lost time. We were supposed to go out of town this weekend, but it looks like we won't make it now (unless by some miracle my hubby passes this stone by early tomorrow morning), but it will allow us to get the outside holiday decor put up & hopefully I'll be able to pull some make-up time on the exercise.

Now, on to the good news. I did NOT eat until I was sick yesterday. I ate an ample plate, more than I should have, but not as much as I could have. I also stuck to the plan & only had one piece of dessert. I had a standard slice of chess pie. Yes, it was way more calories than I should have eaten, but way less than I typically indulge in during Thanksgiving. Well, I'm off to bed - hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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