Saturday, November 8, 2008


It just gets to be more & more fun every time. Maybe because I am finally not totally lost on what we are going to do for several songs. I still get a killer workout - I sweat like you wouldn't believe. I'm also feeling soreness in my legs, so I know I'm working those muscles too. I got my mom, & two other friends to go this morning. Our class was pretty full. I already take the class on Tues/Thurs morning, but found that they have a Wednesday night class in addition to the 2nd/4th Saturday schedule. I'm going to try going to the night class this week. Maybe if we keep having such great attendence, they will add more to the schedule - I hope so. So I think my new schedule this week will be: Mon-some sort of weight training or do the Power 90 tapes, Tues/Wed/Thurs-Zumba, Fri-some sort of weight training or Power 90 again. Saturday this week won't offer Zumba, but I will try to get a walk or something in & take Sunday for rest. I didn't work out Mon or Fri this week, so I really need to make a point to do something tomorrow. That way I can max my points for my team in the local challenge. Well, I've got to take Alyssa to a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese today, so I gotta run. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


Mae said...

Class was AWESOME this morning! I'm so glad we're in it together... have fun @ Chuck E Cheese.

Thinking Thin said...

Woo hoo, so glad you are trying the Zumba. I will be glad when they get the Zumba at my normal gym. I hate driving around to all the different gyms!

Lana said...

Andrea, you are doing awesome! What you are doing is exactly what it takes - consistency and dedication. The rest takes care of itself. That is the same way I went from being inactive and overweight all the way to the Ironman! Consistency and dedication over time will take you anywhere you want to go. Keep on rockin' it!!