Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nothing New.

Nothing new to report. I went to Zumba last night & this morning. Lisa did add some "new" dances to the routine. Well, new to me - apparently she reintroduced some dances they used to do on a regular basis. I enjoyed the change up, but I like the usual stuff too. This Saturday & next Tuesday morning are the last opportunities for Zumba before Thanksgiving. Guess I will have to break out my Zumba dvd quite a bit over the holiday week. The rec center closes early Wed & is closed all day Thursday. Since I will be out of pocket Saturday & Sunday I guess that means lots of dvd time. The key is to make sure that I keep the exercise up.

I do have a game plan concerning Thanksgiving & the get together we'll be attending on Saturday. My plan is to eat whatever I want, just not to the point that I'm physically uncomfortable (like usual). The other part of the game plan is concerning dessert - my weakness. Ok, I'll be the first to admit it, I normally eat a plate of dessert that is nearly as big (if not bigger) than my dinner plate. I always get a "taste" (translates to portion) of everything I want to try (translates to all the stuff I got last year + any new ones that look good). Of course, I'm always going to "share" (translates to give them one bite of each item) with the kids. This year, I know skipping dessert is probably not going to happen, but I will choose what I like best & have one portion (normal size) & that's it. Of course, I'll be doing that dvd when my Zumba class isn't meeting. Wish me luck!!


Tricia Jamison said...

*good luck*! i know how yummy Aunt Fay's is....your plan seems good and do-able!

Amy S. said...

Great plan. Good luck with it. You will do great. Yum dessert. How perfect life would be if sugar were low in calories.

Mae said...

OH how I've missed Zumba the past couple weeks! You are doing an AWSOME job! I'm concerned about t'giving for myself. I've still got 6 lbs. to go to reach my LTW goal... It's going to take EXTREME discipline, but hopefully I will be able to hang.