Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So today is my weigh-in day for the challenge & I had forgotten that this week also included measurements (they take them, week 1, 5, & 8). I'm so excited. I've lost 3.5 inches from my hips, 1.5 inches from my chest, & 1 inch from my thighs. I lost 1/4 inch from my neck, just under my chest & waist at my belly button. I did gain 1/2 inch in my calf, but I KNOW that is muscle from the Zumba. I also gained 1/2 inch in my arm, but when we measured during week 1, I had on a short sleeve shirt & my arm was by my side, this time I had on a long sleeve shirt & my arm was kinda out because of the extra material from the shirt. I'm so happy with my results so far. All of this & 9.5 of the pounds I've lost in 4 weeks - YIPEE!!


ptg said...

That is so fantastically awesome!!! Congrats!

Tricia Jamison said...


i'm always more excited when i have real inches lost, b/c the scale can fluctuate from time to time. It's those inches off that make our clothes fit better!

you have had a GREAT two months!!

Amy S. said...

Wow, what great numbers. You are doing so well. Keep up the great work. Hooray for you.

Last Journey Down said...

Just found your blog and that is fabulous news! I love stumbling on a piece of inspiring news such as yours, as it helps me so much! Congrats to you and keep it going! Rah rah!