Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Up & Running.

. . . or walking I should say. Got up & hit the road again early this morning. Came in & ate a bowl of oatmeal with the girls while, hopefully, my metabolism is revved up. Goal for today - met. Maybe I can get in something extra this afternoon. We've got a busy day today - Alyssa has preschool today, me & Liza need to make a Walmart run, & I've got to get back & ready in time for the funeral. Tonight is Brock's last home game & it's homecoming, so we will probably try to go. I really hope they can pull out a win. Well, gotta get the girls dressed & get started - have a wonderful day!!

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Amy S. said...

Good luck on your journey, I'll be checking in to see how you are doing. It is nice to have accountability partners when trying to get through this. At times it can seem really easy, and at times it can seem very overwhelming. Keep at it, you can do it!