Monday, September 29, 2008

Almost Back on Track!

Well, I failed to get up for the walk this morning, but if I can manage to squeeze in some extra time later this week - it will be ok. I can't walk tonight because we have to go to the funeral home for my great uncle. I'm so gonna miss him - he was always so good to me & my girls (did I mention that he lived up the street, so we saw him semi-regular).

Oh well, tomorrow should get everything basically back to normal. Liza hasn't thrown up anymore - still having gross diapers, but that's to be expected since she really didn't start eating anything solid till last night. Did you know that grape gatorade makes for neon green diapers? I think her skin might actually be stained - lol. Sorry - TMI! I'm back on the task of defunking the house today, so maybe I'll actually get to keep it that way this time.

Thanks Mae for all your support - I appreciate your advertisment on your blog! Good to hear from both Tricia & Lorrie - you guys are also welcome to contact me anytime via email ( Lorrie, if you ever want to get together for a walk, talk or whatever, shoot me an email & I'll give you my number (we got rid of our land line - so we're no longer listed) - as I get older, I realize how much I miss seeing the folks I went to school with & being too ashamed to see them because of my weight. I hope to change the part that is afraid of seeing people - I really want to go to my 15 year reunion next year; I've missed all the others because I was too ashamed to go, but not next year if I can help it! Well, the girls are napping so this is prime mopping time - sad isn't it (lol). Hope everyone has a great rest of the day!!

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