Saturday, September 27, 2008

Trying Day

So today I've been still pretty weak from the whole illness, which I did believe was food poisoning, but now am wondering if it was a stomach virus. Didn't get my walk in today either, but tomorrow is a new day with a new goal. Overall today has been rather sucky. I spent the early part of the day trying to defunk the house from all the sickness, but didn't quite get done. We had to go to my husband's cousin's wedding at 4pm, so I quit working on the house & got the girls & myself ready to go. We were running late, but got there in time - only to wait nearly an hour on the minister to arrive - apparently there was an unexpected funeral he had to preach & was late returning from it. We managed to keep the girls quiet & behaved during the wait, which I thought was pretty good considering it was an outdoor wedding & I'm sure the girls were wanting to run around. The music began & the wedding party began to come down the aisle & then BOOM - or should I say BLAH - Aliza threw up all over me & the ground around us. I just had to get up & walk off. Brock put wipes down over the puke that hit the ground to try to keep the smell down for the other guests (as if that worked) & we headed to the van with our tails between our legs. I looked back as we stripped her down before loading her in the carseat & saw a few people looking back at us. HOW EMBARASSING!! Once we got home, I gave her bath & got myself all cleaned up & she's acted just fine. I have no idea what that was all about. I'm sure the bride & groom were beginning to wonder about their luck after the minister is an hour late & a kid pukes everywhere all before the bride walks down the aisle - lol. The worst part was Alyssa crying all the way home because she wanted to see the wedding & have cake. I told her I would go buy her a piece of cake later from Captain D's (it's the only place I could think of that had cake) - lucky for me she didn't eat her dinner so I said, no cake. Now as if all of that wasn't enough fun for one day, I got home & checked my voice mail to find out that my sick great uncle, who is very much like a grandpa to me, passed away. I knew it was coming, but it never makes it any easier. Well, I guess this is enough whining for one day - tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities. Maybe tomorrow we won't ruin anyone's big day.

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