Monday, September 22, 2008

Day One (Technically Day Two)

Well I'm starting this journey one day at a time. I began by walking my neighborhood once last evening & again this morning. I think it's probably about a two mile walk, but I'll have to clock it in the van later to make sure. It took me just under an hour both days - yes, I know I'm very out of shape, but that's not the important part, the fact that I'm finally getting up & doing something is. I guess I can thank Mae Ann (Hadlee & Jack's Momma Blog) for serving as my encouragement. I always had excuses, but now that I'm seeing what you are doing with your kids the same ages as mine - there is no reason I can't jump on the bandwagon. Of course, I'm not sure I'm ready to commit to the 1/2 marathon, but we'll see where I am closer to time. Right now, I'm setting my goals one day at a time - I've learned the hard way that I have a hard time sticking to long-term goals & then they become VERY LONG-term goals (it took me 13 years of on again, off again, but I did finally finish my degree). So today my goal was to get up & do my walk before Brock had to leave for work - YIPPEE goal one met. My new goal, it to get up & do it again tomorrow, anything else I do is just extra. Can you tell that I'm the type of person who needs to feel like I've accomplished something, no matter how small? Well I guess this is enough time on the computer. I need to get my little girl napping while my big girl is still out so I can get the wood floors mopped today. Mae Ann: THANK YOU for the inspiration to get up off my butt!!

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