Saturday, December 13, 2008

Need A Push Please.

I did get up & go to Zumba this morning, but I'm just not feeling like myself lately. I don't know if it's just the gray winter sky & evenings getting dark so quickly or what. I feel BLAH. I don't know how else to describe it. I'm having a really hard time getting motivated, even though I know I feel SOOOOOOO much better after a workout. I'm also not eating well at all. Again, I know that when I eat a little more cleanly that I feel better, but lately I just seem to want to put anything & everything in my mouth. So, I've decided that I would call on my blog friends to give me a little push reminding me why I started this journey & how important it is that I don't allow myself to take steps backwards. Have a great weekend!!!


ptg said...

I definitely hear ya...the motivation is totally GONE lately. But good for you on getting there, that's the main battle!

BTW, I nominated you for an award - check out my blog for details!! :o)

Anonymous said...

The holidays can be a really hard time to stay on track, and like you already said, eating is so connected to energy and motivation. It's so easy to say "i deserve to indulge a little during the holidays", but just remember that you also deserve to reach your goals, and getting through this time will make you that much stronger in the end. This is a life change - it takes time and lots of practice, trial and error..... you can do it!