Thursday, December 4, 2008

Getting Back On Track - Again!

It seems like I post that a lot - having to get back on track that is. Oh well, getting back on track is much better than totally giving up. I don't have a lot to report - just that I went to Zumba last night & again this morning. Now, the rest of the weekend is always a challenge because I don't have another Zumba class till Tuesday. I'm thinking I might head to the rec ctr tomorrow & walk the track & do a little strength training. I have stayed out of that area up to this point, quite frankly, because I don't fit in. That being said, I think it's time that I overcome another fear I have & get out of my comfort zone for my own good. The sooner I start - the sooner I will be fitting in - nicely. Hope you all have a great weekend!!


Amy S. said...

It is so weird to hear you say that, because that is exactly how I used to feel. I wasn't one of those people. They knew I didn't belong there. I don't exactly know when I forgot that feeling. One day, I just realized it was my gym too. Unfortunately, I forget to realize that some new people may feel that way. I need to make a bigger effort to make everyone feel welcome at the gym, especially those that may look uncomfortable.

MizFit said...

I know I get...overzealous but the strength training will change your life :)
your metabolism, sure, but your confidence, your outlook on things, your being STRONG and NOTICED and TAKING UP SPACE IN THE WORLD.


Im done :)

Tricia Jamison said...

i actually like strength training better than cardio because i can *feel* my muscles working hard, so it is more satisfying. and when i'm sore the next day, it's actually a good feeling b/c i *know* i built some muscle!

Lana said...

Yeah, sometimes I feel a little out of place up there in the weight room, too...mainly depending on who all is there. But I just march on in there and try to do my own thing...The fact that I am paying for that membership just like the "muscle men" are helps me overcome any fear of not fitting in. ;)

Keep at it, girl, you are doing great! Hope you guys are enjoying the holidays!

Bethany said...

You know, I still can't believe I ran 5 miles??? But following this program has really worked! You are doing great and this time of year is just hard. Get it done when you can! I don't think I will ever comfortably call myself a "runner!" Just start a little at a time and you will see some major improvement in your skills.

Amy S. said...

Missing you, I left you an award on my blog since you are one super inspirational chic!