Monday, May 25, 2009

One More Week.

I am so counting down this last week of school (& next Monday). I am so looking forward to returning to Zumba classes again next week. My eating was all over the place last week. I just find it so much easier to make good choices when I'm getting some exercise in - which I did not. I guess trying to improve my diet wasn't that easy during Alyssa's recital week. LOL. Oh well, it was worth all the hussle & bussle, she did great & looked absolutely adorable on stage. I had so many people come up & tell me that she was the star of the show. I guess that's because she is the baby of the dance company & you can't help but notice the little ones.

On tap for this week, trying to get that nasty water in. Trying to locate some great, healthy recipes for my family (anyone who has some suggestions, please chime in here) & still trying to find some extra time to hit the road a few times this week. Hope each of you have a wonderful week!!

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